Travelling is fun. But how about travelling through five different countries in two and a half day?


It’s 7:45 am and we’re leaving a small camp in the heart of Peak District in England, where we have worked all summer. My boyfriend and I are heading to Stansted Airport, the first step of our long journey to Volda. The first part is easy: board the plane and in three hours we’re home. Then comes the rush of packing everything up again and loading it into our WV Multivan, which becomes our home for the next few days.


No big deal

When we first decided to go to Volda by car, it seemed like a great idea (and indeed, in retrospect, it was). We had driven to Great Britain twice already, so driving to Norway didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Then we found out it’s about 27 hours driving and we got slightly nervous. And then we realized that we had to get from England to Norway in less than three days. That is five different countries in this short period of time. However, we decided to go for it and if anything, we could pack as much stuff as we wanted!

We spent a total of 18 hours in the Czech Republic, our home country. We arrived on Thursday evening and at 11:00am the day after we hit the road again. We decided to switch every couple of hours so both of us could get some sleep.

10:00 pm: Hmmm, this isn’t so bad. I never understood how anyone can fall asleep while driving, I could never do that. Besides it’s very dangerous when you’re on a highway.


Journey Through The Night

We arrive at our first stop in Hamburg, Germany around 1:00am. No point stopping to sightsee. It’s decided that I’ll drive from there for a few hours. Next stop: Hirthals in Denmark, where we have booked a ferry for Saturday morning. No time to waste.

2:00 am: Well I’m not gonna lie, I could use a small nap.

4:00 am: I can’t believe how much I want to sleep right now! The highway is so monotonous, nothing is going on and we just keep going forwards for hundreds of kilometers. What if I just closed my eyes for a while? No! Wake up, wake up! Oh hey, we just arrived in Denmark! Well, still the same, dull highway…

After an hour of this inner monologue, I have to pull over, wake up my boyfriend and he has to drive for the remaining hour to the ferry port. I wake up as the sun rises above Denmark. That’s four of five countries in two and a half day. After six hours, we arrive at a small port in Norway. Then it’s only a ten hour drive until Volda, our final destination.


Norway, Here We Come!

Our first taste of Norwegian prices came on the ferry. As we had already eaten everything we brought with us, we decide, with our low budget, to buy some over-priced breakfast in a buffet. After stumbling out, sadly holding our empty wallets, we promise not to spend money like that again. (A promise that was broken only hours later at a gas station somewhere in the mountains).

At this moment we can arrive in Volda either tomorrow or the day after. We decide for the latter option and we stroll through Norway at a leisurely pace. The views are breathtaking and the journey takes us twice as long, as we keep stopping to gape at the unbelievable scenery at every possible opportunity.

On Sunday evening we decide to try a bit of wild camping. We find a small hidden road leading to an abandoned spot. The next morning is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And with nobody around, we know that taking the car to Norway was well worth it.

Now, Volda is only a couple of hours (and a lot of tunnels) away. And after a while we finally emerge into a small valley surrounding one of the fjords where in our new home lies. Here we are. Now comes the real challenge!