Warming up with African rhythm

FOR EVERYBODY: The lessons in African dancing are for anyone who enjoys good music and dancing, the instructor, Today Rambau, says. FOTO: Kjetil Høiby

Peikestokken’s reporter writes about his lesson in African dancing.
By Lukáš Vojáček

It´s Thursday and I’m standing nervously by the Pangaia in the main building of Volda University College. Waiting for the African dances lesson to start. Suddenly a group of cheerful people come towards me.

– Are you here to join us? one of them asks. A silent, insecure «yes» is my answer. I follow them to the classroom. A couple of minutes later several other international students enter the room.

Catchy and lively music starts playing and the lesson is ready to begin. The likeable instructor is showing others the basic moves. The classroom is suddenly filled with a great atmosphere, and even I, who never dance, am feeling way more comfortable.
Everyone is shaking to the rhythm of African songs and having good fun.

The lesson lasts for about an hour. In the end, everyone in the room is smiling and goes home with a fabulous feeling. Lessons in African dances have been entertaining students at Volda University for four years already, but where did these great classes actually come from? It´s a combination of many different African styles, the instructor says;

– Every part of Africa has its own bit. We are trying put together moves, which are familiar for most of them, the main dancing instructor, Today Rambau explains. He is originally from Tanzania and is also a musician.

– You don´t have to know anything about our styles. It´s for anyone who enjoys good music and dancing, Today says.
The instructor claims that for African people dancing comes very natural. They don´t even have to learn the moves, they just feel the music.

The classes in Volda are usually attended by around ten people, sometimes even more. Unfortunately lessons of African dances are over for this semester, but hopefully this unusual spare-time activity will return to our university soon.

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