Veronica Maggio at Rokken

MAGGIO: Rokken's concert hall was packed with a joyous audience when Veronica Maggio came to visit.
PHOTO: Berit Buran Juul

VEKA-headliner Veronica Maggio gave a thrilling performance at Rokken Saturday.
by Milena Virchow

It’s fifteen minutes past ten when VEKA-headliner Veronica Maggio enters the stage at Rokken. The thirty-year old’s third album “Satan I Gatan” (“Satan in the Street”), released in April of 2011, conquered the charts both in Sweden and Norway. In 2007 Maggio won the most important Swedish music prize “Grammisgalan” in the catgory «Newcommer of the year».

And here she is, in Volda: Her blonde hair casting reflections from the enormous light show, her black and golden top sparkling. In her typical short, high bounded skirt, with black, patterned tights she is dancing all over the stage.

By the time the Swedish-Italian artist starts singing her first song, the previously half-empty Rokken hall is suddenly crowded with exited people. Hands are flying in the air and hundreds of mouths are singing along with Veronica Maggio. Throughout the concert, even while playing some of her more quiet tones, such as “Snälla bli min”, the atmosphere at Rokken, along with her up-riding skirt, kept rising.

When she goes on to perform “Satan i Gatan”, the crowd is unstoppable. After fourty-five minutes Veronica Maggio suddenly disappears, until applause and shouts of encore make her return to the stage singing three more songs. Now she also shows off less poppy and refreshingly electronic tunes. Finally, the song “Jag kommer” makes the entire concert hall burst into song and dance. And Maggio, for the first time today, gives us a warm smile.

All in all Veronica Maggio presented an entertaining pop show, with stimulating light effects in an exited atmosphere. Whether one likes her suffering facial singing expression or how she tousles her hair permanently, yesterday, a Swedish woman made Volda celebrate.

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