Students vs. Food

Selection: From tons of products, try to pick what is good for you. Photo: Luiza-Bianca Alexe

It’s no secret that as students we try to find the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to eat. Even more so if you come from another country and have to face a food challenge.

The first week in Volda. It seemed as if I couldn’t find any products from my home country at the local grocery stores. In addition, back home I was a spoiled princess in terms of food. Never having cooked before, the only contact I had with the food was when I ate it. Thus, my battle with food started.

I quickly learned that first price products are the cheapest. I tried to combine them with healthy and good foods. Rice, beans, potatoes, fish, fiber-pasta, different kinds of soup, fruits and vegetables were on my weekly menu. These do not include too many calories, but are high in protein and energy – which my body needs.

I noticed that my Norwegian friends were buying raw meat and cooked hamburgers or small meat balls that they ate with salad and a nice sauce. So I tried it as well. Very tasty!

The best way to eat well is to cook your own food. It is much cheaper and does not contain additives like the instant meals you can buy at the store. To create some variety look up recipes on the internet, or get cooking tips by talking to others. A great way to do this is to gather with others to share cooking skills and recipes for traditional meals.

I admit that there have been moments when I’ve gotten frustrated from eating the same things every day. Therefore, I kept trying to enrich my diet without spending too much money.

Make a monthly budget for all your expenses. Make sacrifices on some of your personal habits such as dinning out. Keeping a list raises awareness of how much money is spent during a month. In this way you can avoid buying unnecessarily things that you really don’t need.

Since I have been living in Norway I feel healthier. I get sick very rarely, I’m in good shape and that is because I found a balance. I combine my traditional Romanian food with the Norwegian products. I miss all the products I had in Romania but I do my best to provide them from what I find here.

Being a foreign student in Volda does not stop me from eating healthy and good. I discovered that a food challenge can be countered with cooking myself, trying new things and have a look around how the other students. Keep it well. Ask your roommate to cook together and share some national dishes. You will be surprised to see how much it helps. Be healthy and enjoy it!

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