Student-life curiosities

1st of April: Is April fools day. Warm up with theese stories from Volda. Photo: Flickr/Sean MacEntee

Day by day we go to school to accumulate knowledge. It seems to be very serious, but sometimes funny things bring a twist to our everyday life.

To give you a bunch of smiles in anticipation of April Fools’ Day, here are some inside stories from Volda.

How to make your neighbors keep quiet
We all know that when living in student-dorms we have to respect certain rules. One of them is regarding noise during night time. The walls are quite thin, and many of us have problems with neighbors.

Last year one of my classmates had a problem with the neighbor downstairs. He played loud music during both day and night. Trying to speak reasonably with the person was of no use. The neighbor replied that «between 7 am and 11 pm, I can do whatever I want.»

A few weeks later, after a big party downstairs, my friend got fed up with the racket and decided to avenge his neighbor.
So, he begun listening to loud music early in the morning. When the neighbor came to clarify the situation he got same answer in return that he himself had given some weeks before:

«Between 7 am and 11 pm, I can do whatever I want.»

From then on, he learned how to listen to music not as loud.

In need of pants
A group of us at the club celebrating a friend’s birthday, when Mathew’s phone started ringing. On the wire was one of our classmates, who failed «face control» because of his sports pants, and security would not let him in.

Mathew has always been a very kind person, and of course, he could not leave his friend in trouble. So the plan was born: He would give his jeans to his negligent classmate.

Since we were mainly girls with him, the one of us who accepted to help, had to walk between a line of waiting men in order to use the bathroom. Another friend of ours then carried them out, and the person in need of pants changed clothes in the car.

He then walked into the club, and the pants were swapped back. A brilliant plan!

Photo: Flickr/fireflythegreat

Reparation in a full classroom
It was in college. We were sitting in a lecture in a stream of about 120 people. The teacher was saying something important, and we were all listening without being distracted.

At this point, a worker inconsiderately strolled in and went up to the blackboard. He did not explain why he barged in, and with headphones on, he didn’t even notice the large audience.

He simply picked up a piece of chalk and wrote out the number of the audience: «Room 157 – Empty.»
To his surprise he then turned around, and met a fully-seated auditorium laughing at him.

Har du sett disse sakene?