Lars Vaular kicks off VEKA

RAP: Lars Vaular (right) showed off a new haircut and new material with Girson Dias. PHOTO: Knut Arne K. Oseid

The Norwegian rapper Lars Vaular shook Rokken and set the tone for VEKA.
by Natalia Scripnic

Lars Vaular was one of the guests who came with a concert as a part of VEKA. When I went to this concert, honestly I didn’t know much about the artist. But I have found that Lars Vaular is a rapper, and songwriter who started rapping in 2003. He started his solo career in 2007, and received national attention for his third album, which was released in 2010.

The audience started gathering around 10 pm, ready to enjoy Lars Vaulars creativity. A promising concert started with the juicy sounds of drums, which after a few seconds was accompanied by a pleasant voice of the singer. Performance during the evening was good, and judging from the audience, I got an impression that everyone was having fun except those who disobeyed the instructions and got drunk, or those who did not come at all.

During his performance, Lars was full of energy and had a very strong connection with the audience, who welcomed the artist with a good and warm atmosphere. I got the feeling that everyone had been waiting to see Lars for a very long time. During his performing I saw many smiling, joyful faces, and many people singing along with the rapper.

In fear of exaggerating I must say that the performance was so hot it might have been what triggered Rokkens fire alarm during the last song.

After observing the warm welcome Lars Vaular got, I’m certain there is much more to come, and with such an audience the artists will surely feel at home here in Volda.

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