Fatty Sunroad rocked out Rokken

Fatties: - Have good fun and stay fatty! says the band to it's fans. Foto: Lukáš Vojáček

The second week of VEKA festival was detonated by the local hard rock band Fatty Sunroad.

by Lukáš Vojáček

After the Battle of the Bands was unfortunetely canceled for this year the organizators arranged for a Monday evening a concert of the young hard rock band Fatty Sunroad.

Even though this bunch of great musicians is home at Volda, it was the first time they honored the VEKA festival by their live presence and I have to say: „They rocked!“

The concert started a little bit later than usual but the long waiting for the main artist of the evening was worth it. Heavy guitar tones, funny sharp lyrics with the combination of lively energic performance and amazing voices of the singers Aleksander Goksøyr and Malin Ørsal was the pleasant refreshment of this year festival.

The chemistry between the vocalists worked very well same as their contact with the audience. After first couple of minutes the whole house was full of great atmosphere.

The band played all their most popular tunes like „Daily News“ or „Swimming Girl“. They proved they are not just a good musicians but also awesome showmen, which is very important in rock music. I’m sure this is not the last we will see of these guys at VEKA.

Volda´s band Fatty Sunroad are according to their own words – the group of six strange people playing musical soup with a mix of carnival attractions. They realised their first album „Fat Authority“ in 2009 and next month we can look forward to their second EP called „Sweet Fattysfaction“.

Five quick questions for the band

How did you enjoy your first concert on the VEKA festival?

– It was just wonderful! All people were amazing. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Do you like being part of the VEKA?

– Yeah, it´s a great session of the great musicians. We definitely gonna see some bands by ourselves.

How was the recording of your new album which is set to be released next month?

– It was very hard work. We were shut down in the studio for couple of months but it was worth it. First of all we had this amazing opportunity to co-operate with legendary guitarist Ronni le Tekrø, who is very big name in the Norway and it was very valuable and wonderful experience.

When are you going to introduce us to your new tunes?

– We gonna start the tour with our new album at Rokken on 23rd of March and have prepared lots of special stuff and suprise for the fans. So don´t hesitate and join us on that evening!

Do you have a message for the fans?

– Have good fun and stay fatty!

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