When people think about Italy, a confused image of someone that’s running, shaking hands and screaming words like «pizza, mandolino, mafia» appears in their mind

Well, it’s not so untrue but to be honest there is something more to say about italians, about our views and how we live our lives!

Where should we start? Obviously with communication!

If italians come to you with their arms opened don’t be scared! They don’t want to hurt you, they want only to show you that they are happy to see you!

As a matter of fact, non-verbal language is an essential part of communication as well as the eye-contact (woe betide you if you make a toast with italians and you don’t look in their eyes, they will be very upset!).

It won’t be difficult for you to hear what italians are saying because whatever they are saying for any reason,  they will say it loudly. We are not famous for being quiet people!

How do italians have fun?

First of all: It is fundamental to know that for italians, there is always time to have fun and it’s never too late to have a party.

One of the key elements is people: we don’t care where, how and when, the only thing that we care about is that we have our friends and the desire of having fun. We are not lonely people, we love sharing what we have and what we feel : the more people surround us the happier we are.

The other essential component for a real italian party is alcohol! Not because we are alcoholic but because we have more fun if we match speeches, laughter and dances with a good glass of our wine!

What really matters for italians?

You could think that the only thing that is important for us is food, but even if it is an essential part of our culture, what really matters is family, because we are used to think they are strenght in bad moments, indeed we say “if there is family there is everything!”. So everything else, even work, is nothing more than an instrument for securing the welfare of the family.

By extension also friends become a sort of second family and this is the reason why we use to say : no italian is really a lonely wolf!

So to sum up:

Don’t get scared if  shouting italians come to you with open arms. Run towards them and hug them too!

Don’t be surprised if italians invite you for parties even if they don’t know you well. Say yes and enjoy the moment!

If you could stand screams, hugs and loud parties, be sure that you will become part of the great italian family!