Runde – Living in the Middle of Nowhere

Runde is an island outside of Herøy with only 150 inhabitants. It is known for its unique bird life and great hiking terrain. In October, the Natura Group organized a trip to the lighthouse of Runde. It is located in the northwest of the island at Kvalnes. The cottages nearby are being used as self-service tourist stations. On Saturday afternoon, three Norwegian and six international students from Spain, Czech Republic and Germany drove about an hour from Volda to the parking lot at Goksøyr. From there we walked approximately 1,5 hours on usually easy terrain, but the rain and wind made it a little harder. The nature and great colors of the fall on the way were amazing and we had already taken a sneak peek at the lighthouse from the top of a mountain. After a slippery stone way down the mountain we finally arrived at the lighthouse and entered the big guest cottage. We felt very comfortable as soon as we entered because it reminded most of us of our grandmothers’ houses with all the wood, flowery curtains and decorations. The cottage has a kitchen, dining and living room, four bedrooms, a bathroom without toilet and shower, and a very big attic. There are beds for 24 people but also mattresses for many more. Only the most important thing, the toilet, was missing and we had to use an outhouse a few meters away, which was especially fun in the middle of the night. While some of us unpacked or took pictures, the others prepared our dinner. When everything was done we sat together in the dining room and had a delicious Thai soup with coconut and chicken. The atmosphere was very cozy with all the candles, small lamps and great people. After dinner we played a round of Yahtzee and afterwards went outside again to look at the beautiful stars and the lighthouse. Back in the house, we played the Spanish card game Hijo Puta and had very nice and interesting conversation. When we climbed into our loft beds, we felt like children in a youth hostel. Of course we had to tell a few scary stories before sleeping. The next morning started with a great breakfast before we went outside to the cliffs because three brave people wanted to take a bath in the ocean. Afterwards we went back to the cottage, packed our things and headed out to another hiking trip before going back to Volda. Fortunately the weather was great and even the sun showed itself for a little while. The viewpoints Raudenipa and Kaldekloven gave us a beautiful sight at the cliffs, meadows and the ocean. We left Runde on Sunday afternoon with wet shoes, but smiles on our faces because this trip was a great experience. We also decided to come back one day during the bird season because it must be even more beautiful than it already was. Photo: Ismael López Luque & Laura Evenius

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