Pimp your room

New university, new friends, new school year, but your room is as boring as it has ever been. Everyone loves a fresh start .You are in an anonymous place which doesn’t reflect who you are at all, but you don’t know how to change it. Peikestokken brings you couple suggestions how to deal with this situation. The internet is an endless vault of ideas, but you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting lost in the clicks and the endless supply of novelties is very easy. But with a little help and some guidance, you really can change your boring room into an awesome hang-out place. Although consulting your housing contract in advance is advisable. There probably are some limitations about modification of your accommodation. Colors Let’s start with the very core of decoration. The color which you paint your room with is rather important, because they influence your mood. They might make your room seem cozy or really big. If you choose darker colors a big room will seem more intimate and warm, on the other hand brighter color tones make a small room more open and thus looking bigger. If you are not allowed to paint the wall, you can change the feel by adding accents to your room in certain colors.  You don’t have to follow the trends. Choose color tones that suit you best, but bear in mind colors have an important impact on you. Color psychology study the impact different colors have on your mood and behavior. For example blue is a color that creates rest and order. It’s a good tone for an office. It makes you more industrious. On the other hand, blue might be perceived as really cold.  Here are some other examples of what kind of influence do different colors has on you Red: creates excitement, pumps the adrenaline and stirs conversation. Yellow: makes people happy, it’s energizing and uplifting. Green:  rejuvenating, encourages diplomacy and creates harmony and balance. Black, white, brown and grey: These colors are neutral, but can change the mood of a room if added to other colors. Color choice is important. But choose colors you like and feel comfortable with. Even though these effects have been researched, not everyone associates these tones with those exact feelings. Once you have an idea about the feel you want your room to have, you can start thinking about decorating. DIY Do it yourself (DIY) is a concept which encourages people to be creative and inventive with everything they have and find. If you type these three letters in a tab of any search engine, you’re going to be bombarded with thousands of ideas. For example you found an old table in the second hand shop, give it a new coat of paint and it looks as good as new. The really creative ones can even make a drawing and create something that’s uniquely peculiar. Don’t throw your old furniture and equipment in the thrash, try to recycle it and give it a new purpose. DIY is all about upcycling. This process becomes more and more popular, as we become turn increasingly aware of the impact we have on the environment. Here is an suggestion for DIY piece of decoration. DIY: Lamp shade You found an old lamp in the second hand store, but the lampshade does not fit your taste at all. Dont worry, in a few simple steps you can change the outlook of the lampshade. Afterwards when you have friends coming over they will probably ask you where you bought it. What do you need? -        Creative design -        Paper (white) or white lamp shade -        A thread and needle -        Black pen -        scissors How do you do it?
  1. Measure the length of your lamp shade and calculate the diameter
  2. Transfer the width and length on the paper and cut it out
  3. Simplify your design and draw it on your paper in black ink.
  4. Make a paper circle with the desired diameter.  And cut out a smaller circle
  5. Sew both ends of the paper together. Afterwards you sew the paper together with the paper circle
  6. Your lampshade is finished!
Use Second Hand All the other projects you find on the internet that you want to make don’t have to be expensive, go look in your grandparents’ attic or in your own basement. Something is bound to be useful and recycle worthy. If you really can’t find anything, maybe you should have a look in a second hand shop; there is one in Volda too. You won’t always find what you want, but that’s why there’s something as DIY. Just repaint it or create something new. Use your imagination and create something totally different. Try to view an outdated object from a new angle. You could even make it a friend activity. Create something for each other or just brainstorm together and someone could come up with a genius idea for example on how to give your old chair a second life. Creating an original and cozy room does not have to be expensive or difficult. Make it fun and invite your friends after the redecoration or decorate together. After all the hard work it’s time to party with all the new friends you made!

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