Interview, parents in Volda

Since almost all of International students can say, that we are living in Volda already for one month or more, we know what kind of experiences and impressions Volda gave us. But second weekend of September was the date when my family came here. And this might give us another angle of view about place we choose as our home for next few months. My sister, Pavlina was living for 13 years in England and now, she is back, living in Prague. She travelled quite a lot, and she had been on almost every continent around the world. My mother Stanislava and father Milan are interested in travelling as well but in their case mostly around the Europe. They all came here from Czech Republic, to spend some time in the place you will never forget. 1. What was the first difference you noticed when you get here? Pavlína: I would say the nature, especially the landscapes. We hiked Helgehornet and since I travelled a lot, I can say that I have never ever seen something as impressive as this. Stanislava: Architecture – all the buildings around here are made of wood and united style. In comparison with our Czech houses, it is much more colourful here. Milan: The whole city, there is a lot of vegetation everywhere plus well maintained lawns and gardens. 2. Were you surprised by local nature, or is it something you have seen before? Pavlína: Not much, but it is more beautiful than I expected and you cannot see any dogs running free around here. Parents: Yes, we were. It's beautiful to see a lot of hills, water and forest around the whole country. 3. Volda is a small place; do you think that it is big enough to cradle this university college? Pavlína: Suprisingly yes, Volda have a pleasant atmosphere, and it is a perfect place for students I think – they have a lot of different facilities that could fit needs of everyone. Stanislava: Yes, I agree, it is  very students-friendly, I like the fact that common spaces, such as library or art studios are open for them even on the weekends. The school is really modern and very flexible; that's good way how young people can do realize themselves through their own initiative and creativity. Milan: Yes, the difference is the possibility of self-determination, developing skills in time management. 4. Can you imagine staying here for a longer time, for example, for one semester as your children? Stanislava: Yes, system here works much better than at most of Czech schools. Milan: Yes, as I sad before, they have a lot of opportunities for self-realization and simply her people think bigger. 5. What do you think you will remember the most? Pavlína:  Lovely environment, and really cosy to see that there is not any problem with communication in English. Another thing I like is that people recycle almost everything. Stanislava: Overall I have a really positive feeling about this whole environment, even we hadn’t the best weather. Milan: The same for me, also different and more volatile weather. 6. What you really should bring with yourself when you come to Volda? P: Definitely a camera. Stanislava: In case of Czech republic and the inconvenient Exchange rate, it is best to have sometings, as wine for example, and some little food to get you started, until you find best compromises between quality and price. Milan: Some outdoor clothing. 7.  Is there any difference between Czech and Norwegian hiking trips? I would point out the lack touristic signs. They are common in our country, shows you for example the distance, the height and the direction to the place you want go to. In our country we can follow more of these signs, even for cycling. “The last thing we want to add is the difference in attitude towards safety – no police station is needed in Volda. The fences around houses look more as just decorations, instead of our high walls around houses to keep you safe and in privacy.”

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