International Nights Connecting people and cultures: Norwegian night

Every academic year, Pangaia and the International Club in Volda University College start all its varied activities for students, among which international nights have a big importance. The Pangaia employees, Dúnia Soriano and Evan Spaulding, together with international and Norwegian students, organize thematic nights where all of them have the opportunity of presenting their gastronomy, customs, music, and culture to the world. Norwegian night, celebrated on Friday 13th of September at Studenthuset Rokken, was chosen to inaugurate these thematic dinner parties. From 19.30, Norwegian students from Volda University College organized a special and funny event where they displayed a little piece of their country to students from all over the world. Norwegians supported with audio-visual content, they started presenting information and curiosities about their native land (their languages, people, food, history, music, etc.) and they finished broadcasting a funny video about some of the Norwegian topics: fish, potatoes, rocks, plundering and petrol. Afterwards, the guests could eat some of the most famous Norwegian dishes: eggerøre (scrambled eggs), spekeskinke (dry-cured ham), pølse i lompe (hot dog in a potato wrap), lapskaus (Norwegian meat stew), lakserull (salmon in a potato wrap), flatbrød (flat bread) and svele (Norwegian batter based cake). In conclusion, the Norwegian night was an entertaining party where international students could discover, learn and taste a little part of the country where they are going to have experiences they will never forget: Norway. Foto: Laura Evenius & Ismael Lopez

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