In the land of the fjords

Norway is famous for all its natural wonders, the beautiful landscapes, northern lights and unique culture. When foreigners want to learn more about this country, they often search on Internet the things which make Norway an outstanding experience. The first place on the list is occupied by the Geirangerfjord, considered the most beautiful in the world. On Saturday, the 28th of September, it was the turn of the International students of Volda University College to discover this natural wonder with their own eyes. Two busses, more than 80 people and only one day to explore the Norwegian fjords. Armed with cameras, full equipped with clothes that would keep them warm, the internationals almost had sparkles in their eyes when the engines started. The schedule included various stops: from Volda to Sæbø by bus, then Sæbø-Leknes by ferry, Leknes-Hellesylt by bus, Hellesylt-Geiranger by ferry and in the end Geiranger-Stryn-Volda, also by bus. For the Erasmus students the fact that they cannot even pronounce all of those names made it even more interesting. “This is going to be amazing”, one voice was whispering somewhere on the back seats. After a while, it was time to take the first ferry. Only a fifteen minutes ride, followed by a longer one on the bus. Every second one could hear “click-click”, as the people pressed the camera button. Creating lifetime memories, you might say. Accompanied by a friendly weather, the trip continued with the one hour ferry experience between Hellesylt and Geiranger. Facing a stubborn wind, the internationals stepped on the stairs in order to reach on the deck of the ferry. Somewhere between “wow” and “The view is breathtaking!”, the Norwegian fjords seemed to had caught not only their attention, but also their hearts. The Geiranger village was the next destination. During one hour of break, the Erasmus people had the chance to check all the shops in order to buy souvenirs and also to enjoy the chocolate from Geiranger Sjokolade. After visiting the Norwegian Fjord center, the two busses headed to the highest point. Perhaps Geiranger is not situated on the top of the world, but is surely felt like that. For the internationals, being close to the edge and looking down into the gap was a leap of faith that everyone took for granted. During the afternoon, the trip continued with visiting Stryn and the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre. There, the internationals had the chance to taste one typical Norwegian dish. After the dinner was over, the two busses were now on their back to Volda, leaving behind the glaciers and the Geiranger experience. With the sunset light passing through the seats, all the faces seemed lost in a haze, as the journey to the land of the fjords was over. Photo: Ismael López

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