El Cuero – Big rock in little Volda

El Cuero, a band which knows how to play live. And the four sweaty man from Kristiansund showed Rokken on October 24th how they can rock the house. Formed in Kristiansund in 2005 El Cuero just released their 4th album “Victor's justice” in march. The two brothers Brynjar Takle Ohr (guitar, singing) and Håvard Takle Ohr (drums), who marked the beginning of El Cuero, plus Tommy Reite (bass) and Øyvind Blomstrøm (guitar) achieved a reputation as good live band touring around Norway during the last years. And now they showed Rokken what four men can do these instruments. They played a harmonious mixture of real rock songs with hard rock riffs, catchy melodies and strong vocals. It was obvious that they are a perfectly matched team with a lot of stage experience. Highlights of the concert were the impressive guitar solos of the singer Brynjar as well as the local special guest Kristina Juul Jørgensen performing a song together with them. Which was a well matching collaboration between El Cuero's rock music and Kristina's voice. But El Cuero showed as well that they are not only good in playing rock music. The two brothers Brynjar and Håvard singing together a silent but at the same time strong acoustic song made clear that these men know how to make a good show. But not only the musical part of the concert was worth coming. The whole stage performance turned regular Thursday evening at Rokken into a nice experience. Was it the bassist Tommy jumping around ecstatically and even doing the splits on stage? Or was it the drummer Håvard whose playing partly reminds of Animal from the Muppet Show (Animal even was the mascot on his base drum), or was it is the singer Brynjar drinking beer out of a glass from the crowd while going on playing his guitar solo? I do not have the answer but the energy and joy of this band performing was visible. This evening at Rokken has been a joy to the audience. A chance to forget about the foggy and rainy weather outside. A chance to dance or just nod one's head to the beat of the music. And a chance to experience a good live concert. Tusen takk El Cuero! Photo: Laura Evenius

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