CC Cowboys rocking Rokken

Friday night the sixth of September Studenthuset Rokken proudly presented the Norwegian rock band CC Cowboys. The five musicians became famous in the early and mid-‘90s before separating later in that decade. Luckily the band reunited in 2003. Robert, a true fan of the band, was 18 when they became famous and never stopped following them. - I always loved the music and I can't wait to see them tonight. For me they are the biggest band in Norway, he said shortly before the concert. A distinct type of crowd When I was on my way to Rokken that night I expected a similar type of audience as in my home town of Berlin for that type of concert. People who go to rock concerts in Germany usually look like Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Ronnie James Dio mixed together unlike in Volda where most of the audience put on their usual party outfit. I was also really surprised when I saw many youngsters at Rokken. And I missed the so called ‘pogo’. But when I asked the security guy he revealed to me that 'pogo' is forbidden in Rokken. But no shame! It seemed like Norwegians replaced this habit with pouring beer at each other and they were equally as happy. CC Cowboys consists of five cool looking guys in their prime, and at 22:30 they finally emerged from backstage at a pace of really good friends going out for a glass of wine. And that is exactly what they did besides enchanting the crowd with their music. Sweet atmosphere The concert started with the feeling of bass guitar playing right into your heart. Audience of all ages sang along immediately, and Rokken filled up with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The singer Magnus Grønneberg thrilled the audience, especially the girls in the front row, with his one-of-a-kind chicken-robot dance moves. However, my personal highlight of the night was him playing the harmonica along with the guitar. Even though I did not understand the lyrics, I was able to feel the meaning by looking at Magnus' facial expressions and body language. It was obvious that they have been in the music scene for a very long time. They encountered a few technical difficulties but handled them like the professionals they are. CC Cowboys provided their audience with a very special encore at the end when they played the song ‘Kanskje du behøver noen’, which translates into ‘Maybe there is someone you need’. The crowd joined in, singing and dancing arm in arm. Great concert It was one hell of a show and I even heard words from the crowd referring to CC Cowboys as the Norwegian Beatles. Guro Fjellstad Stensvåg saw them for the first time and she really enjoyed the concert. - It is great that even the younger people sang along. I did not know the songs but they still got me in the mood, she said after the concert. Miriam Edler called the band 'breath - and voice taking' because she almost lost her voice by singing along. My great night ended with Sondre Langenes’ short and distinct comment: "Steikje bra Konsert!“ That is exactly what it was, a really good concert. Foto: Tomáš Hájek

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